Quotes The painting "Yoga" radiates from a special place in my home. The first time I saw this piece I fell in love with it. I was lucky enough to have it hang in my yoga studio for over a year and everybody would always stop and admire it. Then, recently I decided I needed to bring it to my home where it still stops people in their tracks and radiates peace, love, and happiness. Quotes
Sandy Carmellini

Quotes Matt and I commissioned Sicily to paint something for us. We spent our 4th date at an art show of hers and wanted to keep remembering that dating twitterpaition with some of her art. As you can see, she painted something perfect for us. If anyone wants beautiful art, she's perfect for you! Quotes
Kristen and Matt Jarvis
Memory Bay

Quotes Sicily DeMiglio is an incredibly gifted artist, graceful healing presence, and one of those special people who breathe light and love into the world. Her art is infused and guided by Divine Light: she has the wisdom, courage and conviction to listen patiently and intuitively, until it leads her heart to instruct her head to guide her hand to the right place, and with the right intention and skill, that leads to often breathtaking, profoundly resonating and life affirming magic. Quotes
Mark Rubin
Tree of Life

Quotes After seeing a few of the Tree of Life panels near completion but not yet hung, a very deep and lovely spiritual teacher, grounded in many mystical traditions, asked in almost hushed amazement whether I knew when we started the project the Tree was "going to look like that!?!" No, not exactly. But having been amazed by Sicily's work since running across a painting she did in Bali, seemingly (but obviously not) by accident when catching a glimpse of her website , I knew and trusted that her Tree would be a beautiful and provocative meditation evoking this Divine Light as it moved through her on this incredible journey. Quotes
Mark Rubin
The Tree of Life (cont.)

Quotes Ms. DeMiglio was fantastic from start to finish. She spent time with us at the beginning showing us her previous work and talking about our vision for the art project we planned for our home. She followed up with phone calls over the next few weeks. We asked her to do a painting of the white marble statue of the Christ in the visitor's center at the Oakland Temple, giving it her own distinctive interpretation. Ms. DeMiglio was thorough, visiting the location of the statue several times, and researching its history. When the time came to see the finished piece, we tell by the look on Sicily's face that she was pleased with her work. We definitely were, too. In fact, seeing our finished painting for the first time was very emotional for us. It is beautiful. We have it hanging in our front living area. As guests pass by, they never fail to stop and take it in. We could not have had a better result than the piece Sicily created for us. James and Jennifer Pixton Quotes
James and Jennifer Pixton
Faith and Forgiveness